Assassin’s Creed Syndicate


I promised you that I would try Assasins Creed games one by one so I must keep my promise. That’s it. I always play everything in single player mode so this doesn’t concern me, but I noticed that there aren’t any multiplayer options in the game.



The game takes place in the Victorian London you get to play with twin characters Evie and Jacob Frye. As always you have to find the Eden. I still don’t quite understand why. Their world views are quite different and that makes place for rivalry between them. You can switch between them before every mission and play the one you like better. Their skills are basicly the same so maybe Ubisoft intent was to let you choose your gender. There are tons of cinematic in this game just like in Unity.

There are several improvements like better fistfight combos, and I felt like a canary bird on several occasions, because you can distract enemies by whistling at them. It made a similar sound like in Baldur’s Gate 2 charm animal spell. As I mentioned before the story takes place in London and the quality is superb. I was overjoyed with all the new stuff they put in. It’s not just about free running on building tops and assassinating everyone. I met with Bell ( the dude who invented telephone), I visited Big Ben which I always wanted to see in real life. You can kidnap whoever you like and you can hijack horse rides. Grand Theft Auto wild west style. In the first cargo horse mission I always failed.

Favorite missions

One of my favorite missions was the murder solving ones. You must look for clues,examine bodies, talk with witnesses and interrogating suspects. I felt like Sherlock Holmes. It really added to the game feeling. There were two others that were epic. First is rescuing children from a burning house. Firefighter Jim to the rescue! The last one was about a Gatling gun train ride. Just fill bullets to everyone who I see. Master of massacres. ūüôā

Good Glitch bad glitch

You should look for an “entering unstable¬† ¬†data¬† area”. What you will find there is a secret. ūüôā Bad glitch thank you Ubisoft people are still literally walk over me in the game not just in real life.

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Wolfeinstein The New Order


One of my first games was Wolfeinstein long ago. Recently I found a post that there is a new Wolfeinstein and I dove in to the matter to see how are we doing with this series. After checking it on wikipedia I decided to play the series from this one.

The Game

You start in the middle of the war on a plane. You ran into “some” problems and you crash it. I must stop here for a second. This was the most realistic plane fight + crash that I have ever seen in my entire life. I should play it all over again just for this part.¬† After the landing robot dogs attack you. This was it for me. I knew in this moment that I will love this game and only write good stuff about it.¬† After a wall climbing fight a mad scientist captures you and you have to choose who die from your comrades. I was playing over an hour when I reached this point and the game only truly begins after this.¬† I don’t want to spoil all the story so I just take out some parts that were the best like I usually do. At some point you break out from prison, there is also a submarine part and you get to bomb a bridge. The hero remained¬†Blazcowicz and he always whispers like the story teller in sin city.


There are several different kind of weapons and they aren’t the usual stuff. Nazis winning the war changed history and other types of weapons were developed not just the usual combos that FPS games use. You can cut fences with Lazerkraftwerk (my favorite) and for those who like throwing stuff there is the Tesla grenade. It doesn’t look as good as the grenade in¬†Prey 2017¬†but does the job.


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Dragon Ball FighterZ


Dragonball was one of my first anime. I was hooked on it when I was a teenager. I played with XenoVerse before and I loved it. Fighter Z is totally different. I am not sure if I should compare them at all.

The Game

I played with it with English dub. There weren’t any limp sync or at least I could clearly see that the timing wasn’t correct. The fights are in 2D.¬† There are only four way that you can attack. Light, medium, heavy, special. Forget the mortal kombat style very hard combos,¬† and forget the Xenoverse 3d battleground.¬† The only good part of it for me was that I get the control three fighters simultaneously.


I had hoped that It would get an amazing story like the dragon ball movies, but no. You can control the hero you choose and the more you control the more power it gets. There is an android called Android 21 she is the arch enemy ( no spoiler intended) and she could be pretty, but she has oversize hands. The whole game is intended for 12-15 years old audience I think or I am just getting old for this. It would be an insult to compare it to Injustice or Mortal Kombat no matter the version. It is only good in a mall for an arcade game while the parents go shopping, the kid masters the game in an hour or so. After that the flashy hits and the special moves become boring and I just waited the whole thing to end.


The other thing is the background. I loved the Dragonball theme it bought back some memories, but seriously, why didn’t they put in any movement in them? There could have been at least thousands of fauna for each terrain that appeared in the series. one or two dinosaurs, or birds or local people would have made a huge difference. Nevertheless try it and experience¬† it for yourselves maybe I played it wrong.

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Beach Buggy Racing


This is also one of those free or almost free games, but I just had to write some lines of it.¬† During Christmas I searched for a game that all the family could enjoy and which doesn’t require hours of game time. That’s when I found this pearl in the gaming ocean. It is available for Nintendo eshop, Xbox Store, PlayStation store, Apple App store, Google play, amazon app store, and also for windows store so no matter the gear you have you can play with this one.

Multi Player Fun

As it’s title suggests you get a racing game. There are eight different cars with 10 available drivers. Each drives has his own unique skill that you can use once in a race. There is four different motor performance types from hundred horsepower to a thousand horsepower.¬† If this wasn’t enough you can collect over 25 different kind of power ups during the race and stuff to slow down the other players like lightning bolts, fireballs etc. The cars are also customizable so it would match you persona. I bought it for my Xbox and you even six players can play it simultaneously in the local multiplayer split screen mode. I hadn’t seen a game like this besides monopoly that can do this. (and in monopoly there are turns so it isn’t the same) The game runs in a 1080p 60Hz with 3d animation really smoothly. There are 12 different race tracks and be advised I think almost all of them have hidden shortcuts. It was really irritating when I thought I was running first and somehow the a.i. made a shortcut and beat me. The one mistake of this game that they haven’t provided an online multiplayer or at least I haven’t found it on Xbox. It would be much more cool if I could play it with other people when my friends aren’t around.

Single Player

Oh yeah,¬† you can play against the computer not just your friends. There is a really long campaign mode that I haven’t finished yet, and at the levels you collect gold that can be used to upgrade your car and collect different drivers. There is a daily quest mode also that I only recently found out. Every day if you don’t forget it you can enter an event that gives gold and each day the gold pot raises until you can’t win or forget to do the quest. Ok after a few days maybe a week it resets so you can’t raise it for infinite amount, but I haven’t really reached it and to tell you the truth this game isn’t about you being a fanatic just to have a good time with your friends if they came to your place and you are tired of playing dungeon defenders two. (a game that I will definitely post about in the near future)

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Hearthstone Kobolds and Catacombs


I always played Hearthstone with my mobile phone, but since a while my old I phone didn’t have enough space for it after a patch. I tried to delete some of my stuff, but still no luck. Luckily one of my Christmas gifts was a new iPhone so I could get back into it.

The Game

Hearthstone is a card game, with tons of collectible cards. In the old days I used to play with M.A.G.U.S cards with my friends and traded some. Hearthstone gives back that feeling and so much more. Here your cards are animated, and it is far easier to find opponents to have battles with. There are also single player missions in it and you can collect gold that you can redeem to card packs so it isn’t necessary to buy new packs with real money. This is Hearthstone’s seventh expansion.

What’s new?

There are 135 new cards that are available. Every class has a weapon now, and not just any kind each have a legendary. There is a new skill called recruit. It let’s you summon minions directly to the battlefield from you deck. Spellstones are a new card type also. If you meet certain conditions they upgrade while in you hand. There are also the unidentified items. They effect are chosen when they arrive in your hand. Each of them has a certain amount of effects which can be chosen from. The new stuff are great, but I enjoy most of the new single player missions called dungeon run. You start in a dungeon with a hero of your choosing and you have to fight bosses. Each boss is stronger than the last one and between each boss you have new cards and sometimes learn a new special skill like all your deathrattles triggers twice. I played tons of hours with it my telephone battery cried out in pain and still only managed to complete it with three heroes so far. Oh and not to forget that it is totally free thanks to Blizzard.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity


I saw the movie and I wanted to try it. If I try it I want to try it from the first one. I checked on Wikipedia and damn this is a long series so I started with the first one that came to Xbox One. While I searched for a cheap solution I found out that this is too an Ubisoft game! That’s it my soul is definitely goes to hell.


It starts with Pope Clement and King Philip burn some dudes. Then I am in the future where a girl tells me that some organisation wants to control the history. Now I am in the past again in France. I am little boy and I learn the last known position trick. Then 13 years passed. Confusing? I sure hope so. If I hadn’t watched the movie I wouldn’t even know what was going around. First I don’t even know why was that stake burning scene important. Second OK I am in the future cool, then no gameplay is in there at all. It is just a prop to force feed you that you’re the hero this is your job get used to it. There are tons of gameplay like cinematic that is usually a great thing. In the first half of the game I sometimes wondered that am I watching a movie or playing a game, but somehow it lacks the soul. I had a lover and met with napoleon cool, but the whole game is about killing the same type of enemies over and over while parkouring above Paris streets. Maybe for someone who loves history more this is good, but for me it wasn’t so. Every citizen of the place is a retard. There are crowds in the street and I have to push everyone aside one by one. No one seems to care that I am armed running lunatic everyone just stands in my way.


The hero can do a last known position trick that I have already mentioned above. The enemies look for you in the spot you mark and it is easier to back stab them. There is also the eagle vision skill that is like an x-ray vision. Other then these two it’s the usual weapons and cloths for the character and you can collect money and creed points. The¬†Middle earth Shadow of Mordor¬†and the¬†Middle earth Shadow of War¬†are both tons of better in characters than this game.


Paris streets are amazing. There are videos where they compare them to the real life and Ubisoft really made them authentic. When I jumped on top of the buildings for the first time I felt like Spiderman or batman. Note to self I really need to check out a Spiderman or batman game. There are two major parts of the game that give me strength to try out the rest of the series later. On of them is when all the world shatters before me. It was so surrealistic and so great that I almost pissed my pants. There was a movie called dark city, it gave me the same feeling as it. Later in the game there was the other one where ages mix. Being an Ubisoft game of course you get some glitches. Sometimes I fell from the world and watched it from beyond, other times I walked in the air. The loading screens were also quite long. Part of the concept of consoles is that everyone has the same hardware so it should be much easier to program and test a game for bugs. -.- Actually there is one more fun things to do in it. It is the co-op missions. You can gather four people in total and for a team of ninjas for a mission. If anyone of you die the whole team fails so you should watch each others backs.


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Middle earth Shadow of War


I wanted to try this game for a while, but first when I saw it, I noticed that it the second part of a game series, so I had to try Middle earth Shadow of Mordor first. After I finished that one I got carried away and totally forgot that in the meantime this came out. So lets get right into it!


After a quick recap of the previous game the game starts with you meeting Shelob. A huge spider who can take human form. It takes hostage of your wraith half and return it in exchange of the ring.¬† You might remember him from when Sam had an encounter in Lord of the Rings. After the exchange Shelob looks into the future and tells you to go to a fortress, because that will be the last defense against Mordor and Sauron. When you arrive there is a conflict between you and your wraith half. He wants to only save the tower (it is magical and you can see everything with it) and you want to save the people who are there as well. The cinematic or part of the game I couldn’t tell when you arrive to the siege is so lifelike it got me hyped up and ready for action. I don’t want to spoil the story, but there are a few info that I just have to share with you. Yes the tower is THE TOWER from where Sauron eye looks in the movie. The game explains it all. I got several of my questions answered about the movie. Now I know why Sauron stays there why is it special and so on. It also fills in the last details of the Nazgul history. There is also a part where a Balrog (huge ass demon just like in the movies) summoning takes place with a great cinematic. I held my breath and oh my god oh my god oh my god there is no way that I get to fight with this. I enjoyed the first one story, but this gave me so much more! I was happy that there weren’t so much side quests like in the first one, but still you could get hacking and slashing through orcs for such a long time that you could easily forgot where were you in the story.


They separated the world for five different regions. Each have it’s own fauna and it makes the game better than the first one. I remember that I got fed up always marching on the fields to unknown orc bases. Now there are Icy mountains, the volcanic terrain, some swamps and the usual field. It is sure is better, but they could put in some animals for it and some effects of the elements. I could wait next to the Vulcan or on the mountain with the same outfit and no frostbites, slippery slopes, sickness from the smoke or something.


There are a few more enemies, but at least they are totally different types from the first one. First there is the demon that I mentioned in the story line. I won’t get deeper into it it is awesome. Secondly there are the Drakes. The dragons of the world. Aerial fighting unit and you can even mount them! I felt like dragon-born from Skyrim. I loved killing strong enemies with my fire and sometimes Icy breath from above where they couldn’t do a thing about it.¬† There are also the Ologs, huge troll like things. I am not sure, but I seem to recall that I fought with something like that in the first one. Last but not least there are the Nazguls themselves. You get to fight with them too! From the old game there are a few faces that return. I got to meet with ratbag again with lots of new funny moments. Th Uruk and Orc enemies became more unique. Tons of skills and conversations with them when you meet. I also learned it again that you must never trust an ork! There is a necromancer gang, the leader is Zog the Eternal. It was also a nice thread of the story. Another great new feature was the summoning of body guards and such. When I was getting overwhelmed I just simply summon my Drake and toast everyone.


You build your army by dominating orcs and you can also shame them. Shaming is worse than death. It creates an extreme decrease in the poor orcs level and each time there is a chance he will become deranged. Being deranged destroys his mind and weakens him further. There is however a small chance that he becomes maniac where his mind is destroyed but he actually becomes stronger. When you dominate an orc you shout things like “You serve the bright Lord!” and when you take a fortress you address the people in it with an encouraging speech. I loved those moments.

That kind of sums up my impression about the game. I hope you enjoyed it, but didn’t learned any info that is better to find out during a play.


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Still choosing from Ubisoft. I don’t know what got into me but one after another I play with Ubisoft games. I had to reasons for choosing this one. The first is that I want to play with Watchdogs 2 later and the second one is that Ubisoft gave it away free for a limited time.


I start with the graphics. Neither my processor or my video card was running at full capacity, the video card was at roughly 80 percent, but the game was lagging. OK than i will decrease the graphic details to get a smoother gameplay. I decreased my video card usage to 60 percent and the lagging continued. -.- It wasn’t anything serious just when I drove a car, but it was enough to take a bit away from the gaming experience. I will try watchdogs 2 on my Xbox or I get a new gear for it.


This is an open world game the first few minutes I thought i was playing with GTA V, but the only similarity is that they are both played in the modern times. Watchdogs is a much more serious game. In GTA V you get to control three characters and you shoot everything run over civilians kill kill kill, but it hasn’t got an edge to it. In Watchdogs your character is a hacker. The whole world is much darker and it starts with your wife being killed. Well not killed exactly, but put to a coma then two weeks later she dies. You don’t go rampaging in the city and blow everything up, you hide in the shadows and hack every gadget there is. Ubisoft created a hacking system that is easy to understand and it is fun.¬† Much like in¬†Nier Automata¬†it really is the base of the game. You meet with Clara a real hot chick, but sadly there won’t be any romantic thread. There are sex workers too so at least not all hope is lost. ūüôā There is also a prison escape mission like the series prison break. While driving there are arrows on the road to help you guide and your grenades also have a line to where they are going to fall if you threw them. I have seen several games where they haven’t implemented a help like this and I always throw the grenades away from the enemies or even worse just at my legs making it a suicide throw.

The Only Downside

My only downside for the game(besides the lagging) are the NPC’s. They are dumb as hell. I hide behind a box start to shoot them one by one and in a room where there are at least 5 targets. None of the notice that someone is killing them. They walk literally a feet away from me, my head isn’t fully covered by the box and the doesn’t give a damn.¬† That was my post for this game I hope you enjoyed it, and I have to play something else not from Ubisoft, but I am sure that I will play with Watchdogs 2 in the near future.


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South Park: The Fractured But Whole


I played South Park Stick of Truth just to try this game. If you are still interested in how I met with this game you should read that blog post.

Upgrades from Stick of Truth

These three years added lots of new and great features to this game. They really listened to the feedback of the crowd regarding what should be modified in the stick of truth to make it a truly epic game. You get useful tips when you start it. I know that it isn’t much, but there were several things in its predecessor that I have found out after I played it. The graphics are better also which is never a problem. Now you can see the turn at the downside of the screen while in combat. It helps creating your strategy.¬† It still has the feeling¬† like a big interactive episode of the South Park. Comparing to Stick of Truth it has more than 7 hours of game time. Cartman is coon which is far more likable than wizard was. I don’t have anything against wizard, but coon is COON. You get to play in coons Lair too that looks like a dream basement for a child. Lots of DIY gadgets lying around. The combat also changed.¬†Now you can get help in you fight with not just one of your friends, but three of them simultaneously which makes the still almost 2D turn based combat much more fun. The ultimate ability also looks way cooler than before. The whole story became less disgusting or more easily consumable, maybe to sweep in a larger age pool. Of course Butters shows rodent in your ass and you decapitate your father’s head, but there weren’t any nazi zombies or a mission in mister slaves digestive system.

Character Generation

The base mission is that you have to find a cat for $100 and your character slowly gets its background story and specifications. When playing a role playing game you usually have a character sheet and you fill in all the details before you start to play. It was really exciting that in this case a huge part of the game was creating your character. First you choose your gender, you have some talk about it with mister Mackey. You choose a class with some abilities and later you become dual classed. Then triple classed and so on. You also choose your spirituality and ethnicity later in the game that I guess influence the story a bit, but I haven’t really checked it out yet. I choose one the rednecks always attack and that was it. You can even change your DNA with artifacts that you collect in the game.

Followers and Other

While your on your way discovering yourself you get followers by taking selfies with them. One of your friends called Captain Diabetes (Scott Malkinson) were one of my favorite side characters in the series (but he weren’t in many episodes) but now he played a major role in the game. There was also Kyle’s brother whose fight were filled with humor and they put in Mephesto as well. I think they found rolls for all of the characters that didn’t get in the previous game while introducing some new ones.¬† If you liked Craig and Tweek romance in the series you can collect their Yaoi art for Craig’s dad. That isn’t the only collectible in the game. You can also collect memberberries¬† that talks about the 20 years of south park. While you collect them you can ALMOST get to Canada. ūüôā One of the perks was shitting in the previous game. You could get crap for the fights they removed it and replaced with a huge collection of shitting tactics that you can also collect to be the master of the shit. There is also two minigames in the game that I remember. The first one is peppermint hippo lap dance. and there is the gay fish drive to heaven with unicorn farts. Their name says it all. You jus have to try this game!

I close my lines with this phrase from the game: “A kiss from the lips that never smile.”


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South Park Stick of Truth


While I was playing¬†Heroes of Might and Magic VII¬†I saw the new South Park game advertisement. That’s when it hit me. I haven’t played with the previous one yet. Being a South Park fan I had to rectify it.

Game or Movie

If you are someone who don’t like South Park or expecting a game that is good on its own in today standards then you will be greatly disappointed. 2D turn based combat, few skills, short story. It took me like 10 hours to completely finish it and I don’t feel the urge to play it again ever. However if you look at it like another episode of South Park, a 10 hour interactive episode then you will love it! I had so much fun that I just have to spoiler some of it.

You start with creating your very own South Park character. You can customize it quite well. You can get freckles, Jersey tan and you can even be a Jew when you choose your class. First the character name. No matter which name you choose you are a douche bag. The fast travel in the game is done by Sir Timmy express and you can explore all of South Park by foot. That makes you really part of the movie/game.

As the game progresses it goes more disgusting. At the beginning I only have to fight with meth-heads with my wife beater shirt. As time progress I learn dragonshout(reference to Skyrim) with my fart. Nazi cows were acceptable, but when you fight with fetus Nazis or bacterial infections in Mr slave intestines that is where regular people would draw the line. There are thousands of funny stuff like if you go with butters he tells you all the bullying he went through. Almost every area has some bad memory for him. Poor Butters can transform to professor chaos in a fight which makes him quite useful.¬† When you go to Canada even the graphics becomes worse.¬† Trey Parker and Matt Stone really wanted to fit every character in these 10 hours. Now I get to start to play the Fractured but Whole. I guess only the story will change but I hope I get some improvement on the skills and the combat too. I will share my experience as soon as I am finished with it. Fun fact: Before the game was launched you could get the Stick of Truth with the Fractured but Whole as a gift, but for Xbox you could only play with it after the release of the new one. That is why I didn’t buy it then, because I thought that I need to try it out sooner and in the end I forgot about it completely.

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