Titanfall 2

I haven’t really played with Titanfall 1, but my friends strongly suggested that I tried out this one, because of the unique things that it has and the storyline. I told them that I am not the multiplayer kind however they convinced me to play the single player campaign. It got me hooked almost instantly. The last fps game was half-life that I played hmm maybe I will make a blog post for it in the future if I don’t forget.

The first thing I noticed is the nature meet metal looks of the first maps when you put big ass machines in a grassy wild area with strange wild animals in it. It kind of reminded me of the movie avatar.  Later in the game there are caverns and other landscapes that with breathtaking graphic that strengthened my suspicion. There are 4-5 elements that can hurt or kill you not just the enemies. There is heat, cold, hazardous waste, electrical discharge and there are maps that you can fall out in space.


The storyline was good, but a bit short for me. I could do it with a few sittings. You are a little soldier/pilot with some big guns trying to kill the suckers that gets in your way and then when you get the titan from the captain you transform into a huge badass tank with this heavy ass artillery. I don’t want to spoiler anything, but there is one part that I must write about and that is the timerift. I don’t know if they implemented it in the multiplayer game also, but if they had somehow then I should definitely try it just for this. First you get some flashbacks then find a glove that can switch between two timelines. Basically you are walking on two different levels at the same time and whenever you want you can switch to the other one. I got myself into some jumpscare in that part. Walking on the brink of fire I switched and a swat team was waiting for me on the other side with their guns on my face. Started switching back and forth while constantly reloading my gun and screaming/swearing constantly about the soldiers, the fire and my bowel movements. It was epic!


Your titan has 6 types you can choose from and you change it when you want during the game. You can create a field with it that can bounces back the missiles fired at you so it is not just an average shield. Then there is the multi target missile system lock on. On your left shoulder a missile launcher appears you can see when it locks the targets one by one and with one fire several missiles flood the area each of them directed to an enemy. I saw something similar in the iron man movies. I think in the first one when Robert Downey Jr. disarms a group of people with only one shot from his left side. If this wasn’t enough each titans have different cores. They have energy levels and when they are full you can discharge them with devastating effects. They do incredible damage in a short amount of time, but you must see it with yourself to feel what I am talking about. More than once I was at the brink of death when bang the core got full and everybody got their asses handed to them.


The other part when I first made encounter with the ticks in the game. They are the only enemies that are worth mentioning besides the animals, and the samurai robot. I overheard a message that said scan the area drop the ticks or something like that. Guessed that they would be some kind of a scouting gadget or something. Well they are sure as hell not! When they killed me the third time I got so pissed that I thought I am going to stop this game altogether. The only thing that kept me going that my friend said be cool in later of the game you can have your very own ticks.


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This is my very first blog. The reason I give it a try that I love games very much. There comes a point in almost every gamer life where their purses can’t keep up with their desires. I browsed the net for cheaper and cheaper solutions, but stayed in the legal area. I found out that there are lots of sites that gives you options to get your game legally, but with much lower costs than buying at shops. Sometimes you can get brand new games for almost free just because you know where to look. Let me help you find this places with my games that I tried. I will post regulary when I buy a new game on net with my experience on the game and a link to help you get it as cheap as me.