Assassin’s Creed Syndicate


I promised you that I would try Assasins Creed games one by one so I must keep my promise. That’s it. I always play everything in single player mode so this doesn’t concern me, but I noticed that there aren’t any multiplayer options in the game.



The game takes place in the Victorian London you get to play with twin characters Evie and Jacob Frye. As always you have to find the Eden. I still don’t quite understand why. Their world views are quite different and that makes place for rivalry between them. You can switch between them before every mission and play the one you like better. Their skills are basicly the same so maybe Ubisoft intent was to let you choose your gender. There are tons of cinematic in this game just like in Unity.

There are several improvements like better fistfight combos, and I felt like a canary bird on several occasions, because you can distract enemies by whistling at them. It made a similar sound like in Baldur’s Gate 2 charm animal spell. As I mentioned before the story takes place in London and the quality is superb. I was overjoyed with all the new stuff they put in. It’s not just about free running on building tops and assassinating everyone. I met with Bell ( the dude who invented telephone), I visited Big Ben which I always wanted to see in real life. You can kidnap whoever you like and you can hijack horse rides. Grand Theft Auto wild west style. In the first cargo horse mission I always failed.

Favorite missions

One of my favorite missions was the murder solving ones. You must look for clues,examine bodies, talk with witnesses and interrogating suspects. I felt like Sherlock Holmes. It really added to the game feeling. There were two others that were epic. First is rescuing children from a burning house. Firefighter Jim to the rescue! The last one was about a Gatling gun train ride. Just fill bullets to everyone who I see. Master of massacres. 🙂

Good Glitch bad glitch

You should look for an “entering unstable   data  area”. What you will find there is a secret. 🙂 Bad glitch thank you Ubisoft people are still literally walk over me in the game not just in real life.

Where to buy

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