Wolfeinstein The New Order


One of my first games was Wolfeinstein long ago. Recently I found a post that there is a new Wolfeinstein and I dove in to the matter to see how are we doing with this series. After checking it on wikipedia I decided to play the series from this one.

The Game

You start in the middle of the war on a plane. You ran into “some” problems and you crash it. I must stop here for a second. This was the most realistic plane fight + crash that I have ever seen in my entire life. I should play it all over again just for this part.  After the landing robot dogs attack you. This was it for me. I knew in this moment that I will love this game and only write good stuff about it.  After a wall climbing fight a mad scientist captures you and you have to choose who die from your comrades. I was playing over an hour when I reached this point and the game only truly begins after this.  I don’t want to spoil all the story so I just take out some parts that were the best like I usually do. At some point you break out from prison, there is also a submarine part and you get to bomb a bridge. The hero remained Blazcowicz and he always whispers like the story teller in sin city.


There are several different kind of weapons and they aren’t the usual stuff. Nazis winning the war changed history and other types of weapons were developed not just the usual combos that FPS games use. You can cut fences with Lazerkraftwerk (my favorite) and for those who like throwing stuff there is the Tesla grenade. It doesn’t look as good as the grenade in Prey 2017 but does the job.


Where to buy

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