Heroes of Might and Magic VII


First let me tell you about a story of the reasons I hate Ubisoft. I first encountered them with Heroes 6. I played at one of my friends house and it looked like the first decent Heroes after heroes 3, but it had lots of bugs. I said no problem I will patch it then. You can’ t get the latest patch you have to patch it for all of the previous ones first. After I made like 7 patches it froze and I had to start all over again. I browsed it and found a forum where they explained if you have an Nvidia card that happens. -.- OK. I iced it and after the heroes 6 gold edition came out with dlcs. I gave it a go. I mean if the released dlcs for it then it must be perfect now. NOT! They solved some of the bugs, but a few remained I can’t remember which, but one of them killed the game for me. They released a note that no more patches are coming and screw you guys. We are in the 21st century how do these things still happen? I swore that no more Ubisoft for me. And here I am buying heroes of might and magic VII. First I watched some YouTube trailers and it wind me up. Buying a Cdkey for this game instead of buying the DVD is highly recommended, because you don’t have to patch it then which is still a nuisance (but thankfully I don’t know). The other thing that I have heard that buying the game from directly Ubisoft costs more than buying the CD from a store. That is outrageous. When you buy it directly they don’t have to create a DVD, they don’t have to ship it, there isn’t a vendor that puts his own profit to the price and they still asks for more money. Stick to buying keys guys.

The Game

It basically follows the right path that they take while creating Heroes VI. The animations are better, I haven’t come across with bugs and they bought back the more different resource types for buildings. Nearly all of the issues from the previous ones were addressed. You can have caravans again, one of the best ideas ever. It makes generating bigger armies easier and you don’t have to hire heroes just for that cause that makes longer games boring. Everyone can have the town portal skill, but it only teleport you to the nearest town so building one huge army with town portal skill no longer ensures you of the certain victory.  There are lots of other facilitation that they have implemented. You can see which armies are likely to join you and in the combat phase the damage multipliers when you don’t attack from the front and it always show the damage of the spells that you use. So if there are any modifiers that reduces the damage you can see them before you cast it. The skills and abilities are also changed, I love that you can get master class from only three of them depending of the hero you use. It helps to make the heroes  more different. There is also a duel mode if you don’t want to collect resources just jump in to the combat.


I only played with the campaign mode and to be honest I haven’t really finished it yet. I just did the Haven, the Dungeon with the dark elves and started the Sylvian, but I thought you deserve a post and I can’t keep you waiting. The campaign so far has some interesting maps. Not just the usual little story and you basically have to do the same strategy for each one. The dungeon campaign had some nice conspiracies. Sadly the biggest flaw of the Heroes since the previous one remained. There aren’t any cinematic. None. You read dialogues and sometimes watch an army of the enemy, but remember when in at the start of Heroes V had the devil vs hero fight? It was over 10 years ago and still looks awesome. So you don’t need the latest most expensive stuff. Just some short movies to get you going when you finish a map. That is the ultimate treasure for a gamer to see these stuff not just access a dialogue. I hope that in Heroes VIII Ubisoft or hopefully some other firm recognizes this or hopefully in the campaigns that I haven’t done there will be some.


There is the necropolis faction for the undead of course. There is the Haven for the angels. The barbarians have the stronghold. The academy is for the mage. The Sylvian for the elves, dungeon for the dark elves and fortress for the Dwarves, but it is a dlc. Which one is missing? Yes you guessed right. They took out demons and devils. Who authorized this folly? Playing the true evil was one of the best thing in heroes. Angel vs devil, dragon vs titan. That was the whole concept since the dawn of time. Eh screw it, at least you can get several units from inferno as neutral from the maps. My cousin said that there was a vote between players if dark elves or devils should stay, but I can’t confirm it.

Where to buy

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