South Park Stick of Truth


While I was playing Heroes of Might and Magic VII I saw the new South Park game advertisement. That’s when it hit me. I haven’t played with the previous one yet. Being a South Park fan I had to rectify it.

Game or Movie

If you are someone who don’t like South Park or expecting a game that is good on its own in today standards then you will be greatly disappointed. 2D turn based combat, few skills, short story. It took me like 10 hours to completely finish it and I don’t feel the urge to play it again ever. However if you look at it like another episode of South Park, a 10 hour interactive episode then you will love it! I had so much fun that I just have to spoiler some of it.

You start with creating your very own South Park character. You can customize it quite well. You can get freckles, Jersey tan and you can even be a Jew when you choose your class. First the character name. No matter which name you choose you are a douche bag. The fast travel in the game is done by Sir Timmy express and you can explore all of South Park by foot. That makes you really part of the movie/game.

As the game progresses it goes more disgusting. At the beginning I only have to fight with meth-heads with my wife beater shirt. As time progress I learn dragonshout(reference to Skyrim) with my fart. Nazi cows were acceptable, but when you fight with fetus Nazis or bacterial infections in Mr slave intestines that is where regular people would draw the line. There are thousands of funny stuff like if you go with butters he tells you all the bullying he went through. Almost every area has some bad memory for him. Poor Butters can transform to professor chaos in a fight which makes him quite useful.  When you go to Canada even the graphics becomes worse.  Trey Parker and Matt Stone really wanted to fit every character in these 10 hours. Now I get to start to play the Fractured but Whole. I guess only the story will change but I hope I get some improvement on the skills and the combat too. I will share my experience as soon as I am finished with it. Fun fact: Before the game was launched you could get the Stick of Truth with the Fractured but Whole as a gift, but for Xbox you could only play with it after the release of the new one. That is why I didn’t buy it then, because I thought that I need to try it out sooner and in the end I forgot about it completely.

Where to buy

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