South Park: The Fractured But Whole


I played South Park Stick of Truth just to try this game. If you are still interested in how I met with this game you should read that blog post.

Upgrades from Stick of Truth

These three years added lots of new and great features to this game. They really listened to the feedback of the crowd regarding what should be modified in the stick of truth to make it a truly epic game. You get useful tips when you start it. I know that it isn’t much, but there were several things in its predecessor that I have found out after I played it. The graphics are better also which is never a problem. Now you can see the turn at the downside of the screen while in combat. It helps creating your strategy.  It still has the feeling  like a big interactive episode of the South Park. Comparing to Stick of Truth it has more than 7 hours of game time. Cartman is coon which is far more likable than wizard was. I don’t have anything against wizard, but coon is COON. You get to play in coons Lair too that looks like a dream basement for a child. Lots of DIY gadgets lying around. The combat also changed. Now you can get help in you fight with not just one of your friends, but three of them simultaneously which makes the still almost 2D turn based combat much more fun. The ultimate ability also looks way cooler than before. The whole story became less disgusting or more easily consumable, maybe to sweep in a larger age pool. Of course Butters shows rodent in your ass and you decapitate your father’s head, but there weren’t any nazi zombies or a mission in mister slaves digestive system.

Character Generation

The base mission is that you have to find a cat for $100 and your character slowly gets its background story and specifications. When playing a role playing game you usually have a character sheet and you fill in all the details before you start to play. It was really exciting that in this case a huge part of the game was creating your character. First you choose your gender, you have some talk about it with mister Mackey. You choose a class with some abilities and later you become dual classed. Then triple classed and so on. You also choose your spirituality and ethnicity later in the game that I guess influence the story a bit, but I haven’t really checked it out yet. I choose one the rednecks always attack and that was it. You can even change your DNA with artifacts that you collect in the game.

Followers and Other

While your on your way discovering yourself you get followers by taking selfies with them. One of your friends called Captain Diabetes (Scott Malkinson) were one of my favorite side characters in the series (but he weren’t in many episodes) but now he played a major role in the game. There was also Kyle’s brother whose fight were filled with humor and they put in Mephesto as well. I think they found rolls for all of the characters that didn’t get in the previous game while introducing some new ones.  If you liked Craig and Tweek romance in the series you can collect their Yaoi art for Craig’s dad. That isn’t the only collectible in the game. You can also collect memberberries  that talks about the 20 years of south park. While you collect them you can ALMOST get to Canada. 🙂 One of the perks was shitting in the previous game. You could get crap for the fights they removed it and replaced with a huge collection of shitting tactics that you can also collect to be the master of the shit. There is also two minigames in the game that I remember. The first one is peppermint hippo lap dance. and there is the gay fish drive to heaven with unicorn farts. Their name says it all. You jus have to try this game!

I close my lines with this phrase from the game: “A kiss from the lips that never smile.”


Where to buy

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