Still choosing from Ubisoft. I don’t know what got into me but one after another I play with Ubisoft games. I had to reasons for choosing this one. The first is that I want to play with Watchdogs 2 later and the second one is that Ubisoft gave it away free for a limited time.


I start with the graphics. Neither my processor or my video card was running at full capacity, the video card was at roughly 80 percent, but the game was lagging. OK than i will decrease the graphic details to get a smoother gameplay. I decreased my video card usage to 60 percent and the lagging continued. -.- It wasn’t anything serious just when I drove a car, but it was enough to take a bit away from the gaming experience. I will try watchdogs 2 on my Xbox or I get a new gear for it.


This is an open world game the first few minutes I thought i was playing with GTA V, but the only similarity is that they are both played in the modern times. Watchdogs is a much more serious game. In GTA V you get to control three characters and you shoot everything run over civilians kill kill kill, but it hasn’t got an edge to it. In Watchdogs your character is a hacker. The whole world is much darker and it starts with your wife being killed. Well not killed exactly, but put to a coma then two weeks later she dies. You don’t go rampaging in the city and blow everything up, you hide in the shadows and hack every gadget there is. Ubisoft created a hacking system that is easy to understand and it is fun.  Much like in Nier Automata it really is the base of the game. You meet with Clara a real hot chick, but sadly there won’t be any romantic thread. There are sex workers too so at least not all hope is lost. 🙂 There is also a prison escape mission like the series prison break. While driving there are arrows on the road to help you guide and your grenades also have a line to where they are going to fall if you threw them. I have seen several games where they haven’t implemented a help like this and I always throw the grenades away from the enemies or even worse just at my legs making it a suicide throw.

The Only Downside

My only downside for the game(besides the lagging) are the NPC’s. They are dumb as hell. I hide behind a box start to shoot them one by one and in a room where there are at least 5 targets. None of the notice that someone is killing them. They walk literally a feet away from me, my head isn’t fully covered by the box and the doesn’t give a damn.  That was my post for this game I hope you enjoyed it, and I have to play something else not from Ubisoft, but I am sure that I will play with Watchdogs 2 in the near future.


Where to buy

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