Middle earth Shadow of War


I wanted to try this game for a while, but first when I saw it, I noticed that it the second part of a game series, so I had to try Middle earth Shadow of Mordor first. After I finished that one I got carried away and totally forgot that in the meantime this came out. So lets get right into it!


After a quick recap of the previous game the game starts with you meeting Shelob. A huge spider who can take human form. It takes hostage of your wraith half and return it in exchange of the ring.  You might remember him from when Sam had an encounter in Lord of the Rings. After the exchange Shelob looks into the future and tells you to go to a fortress, because that will be the last defense against Mordor and Sauron. When you arrive there is a conflict between you and your wraith half. He wants to only save the tower (it is magical and you can see everything with it) and you want to save the people who are there as well. The cinematic or part of the game I couldn’t tell when you arrive to the siege is so lifelike it got me hyped up and ready for action. I don’t want to spoil the story, but there are a few info that I just have to share with you. Yes the tower is THE TOWER from where Sauron eye looks in the movie. The game explains it all. I got several of my questions answered about the movie. Now I know why Sauron stays there why is it special and so on. It also fills in the last details of the Nazgul history. There is also a part where a Balrog (huge ass demon just like in the movies) summoning takes place with a great cinematic. I held my breath and oh my god oh my god oh my god there is no way that I get to fight with this. I enjoyed the first one story, but this gave me so much more! I was happy that there weren’t so much side quests like in the first one, but still you could get hacking and slashing through orcs for such a long time that you could easily forgot where were you in the story.


They separated the world for five different regions. Each have it’s own fauna and it makes the game better than the first one. I remember that I got fed up always marching on the fields to unknown orc bases. Now there are Icy mountains, the volcanic terrain, some swamps and the usual field. It is sure is better, but they could put in some animals for it and some effects of the elements. I could wait next to the Vulcan or on the mountain with the same outfit and no frostbites, slippery slopes, sickness from the smoke or something.


There are a few more enemies, but at least they are totally different types from the first one. First there is the demon that I mentioned in the story line. I won’t get deeper into it it is awesome. Secondly there are the Drakes. The dragons of the world. Aerial fighting unit and you can even mount them! I felt like dragon-born from Skyrim. I loved killing strong enemies with my fire and sometimes Icy breath from above where they couldn’t do a thing about it.  There are also the Ologs, huge troll like things. I am not sure, but I seem to recall that I fought with something like that in the first one. Last but not least there are the Nazguls themselves. You get to fight with them too! From the old game there are a few faces that return. I got to meet with ratbag again with lots of new funny moments. Th Uruk and Orc enemies became more unique. Tons of skills and conversations with them when you meet. I also learned it again that you must never trust an ork! There is a necromancer gang, the leader is Zog the Eternal. It was also a nice thread of the story. Another great new feature was the summoning of body guards and such. When I was getting overwhelmed I just simply summon my Drake and toast everyone.


You build your army by dominating orcs and you can also shame them. Shaming is worse than death. It creates an extreme decrease in the poor orcs level and each time there is a chance he will become deranged. Being deranged destroys his mind and weakens him further. There is however a small chance that he becomes maniac where his mind is destroyed but he actually becomes stronger. When you dominate an orc you shout things like “You serve the bright Lord!” and when you take a fortress you address the people in it with an encouraging speech. I loved those moments.

That kind of sums up my impression about the game. I hope you enjoyed it, but didn’t learned any info that is better to find out during a play.


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