Assassin’s Creed Unity


I saw the movie and I wanted to try it. If I try it I want to try it from the first one. I checked on Wikipedia and damn this is a long series so I started with the first one that came to Xbox One. While I searched for a cheap solution I found out that this is too an Ubisoft game! That’s it my soul is definitely goes to hell.


It starts with Pope Clement and King Philip burn some dudes. Then I am in the future where a girl tells me that some organisation wants to control the history. Now I am in the past again in France. I am little boy and I learn the last known position trick. Then 13 years passed. Confusing? I sure hope so. If I hadn’t watched the movie I wouldn’t even know what was going around. First I don’t even know why was that stake burning scene important. Second OK I am in the future cool, then no gameplay is in there at all. It is just a prop to force feed you that you’re the hero this is your job get used to it. There are tons of gameplay like cinematic that is usually a great thing. In the first half of the game I sometimes wondered that am I watching a movie or playing a game, but somehow it lacks the soul. I had a lover and met with napoleon cool, but the whole game is about killing the same type of enemies over and over while parkouring above Paris streets. Maybe for someone who loves history more this is good, but for me it wasn’t so. Every citizen of the place is a retard. There are crowds in the street and I have to push everyone aside one by one. No one seems to care that I am armed running lunatic everyone just stands in my way.


The hero can do a last known position trick that I have already mentioned above. The enemies look for you in the spot you mark and it is easier to back stab them. There is also the eagle vision skill that is like an x-ray vision. Other then these two it’s the usual weapons and cloths for the character and you can collect money and creed points. The Middle earth Shadow of Mordor and the Middle earth Shadow of War are both tons of better in characters than this game.


Paris streets are amazing. There are videos where they compare them to the real life and Ubisoft really made them authentic. When I jumped on top of the buildings for the first time I felt like Spiderman or batman. Note to self I really need to check out a Spiderman or batman game. There are two major parts of the game that give me strength to try out the rest of the series later. On of them is when all the world shatters before me. It was so surrealistic and so great that I almost pissed my pants. There was a movie called dark city, it gave me the same feeling as it. Later in the game there was the other one where ages mix. Being an Ubisoft game of course you get some glitches. Sometimes I fell from the world and watched it from beyond, other times I walked in the air. The loading screens were also quite long. Part of the concept of consoles is that everyone has the same hardware so it should be much easier to program and test a game for bugs. -.- Actually there is one more fun things to do in it. It is the co-op missions. You can gather four people in total and for a team of ninjas for a mission. If anyone of you die the whole team fails so you should watch each others backs.


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