Hearthstone Kobolds and Catacombs


I always played Hearthstone with my mobile phone, but since a while my old I phone didn’t have enough space for it after a patch. I tried to delete some of my stuff, but still no luck. Luckily one of my Christmas gifts was a new iPhone so I could get back into it.

The Game

Hearthstone is a card game, with tons of collectible cards. In the old days I used to play with M.A.G.U.S cards with my friends and traded some. Hearthstone gives back that feeling and so much more. Here your cards are animated, and it is far easier to find opponents to have battles with. There are also single player missions in it and you can collect gold that you can redeem to card packs so it isn’t necessary to buy new packs with real money. This is Hearthstone’s seventh expansion.

What’s new?

There are 135 new cards that are available. Every class has a weapon now, and not just any kind each have a legendary. There is a new skill called recruit. It let’s you summon minions directly to the battlefield from you deck. Spellstones are a new card type also. If you meet certain conditions they upgrade while in you hand. There are also the unidentified items. They effect are chosen when they arrive in your hand. Each of them has a certain amount of effects which can be chosen from. The new stuff are great, but I enjoy most of the new single player missions called dungeon run. You start in a dungeon with a hero of your choosing and you have to fight bosses. Each boss is stronger than the last one and between each boss you have new cards and sometimes learn a new special skill like all your deathrattles triggers twice. I played tons of hours with it my telephone battery cried out in pain and still only managed to complete it with three heroes so far. Oh and not to forget that it is totally free thanks to Blizzard.

Where to buy

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