Dragon Ball FighterZ


Dragonball was one of my first anime. I was hooked on it when I was a teenager. I played with XenoVerse before and I loved it. Fighter Z is totally different. I am not sure if I should compare them at all.

The Game

I played with it with English dub. There weren’t any limp sync or at least I could clearly see that the timing wasn’t correct. The fights are in 2D.  There are only four way that you can attack. Light, medium, heavy, special. Forget the mortal kombat style very hard combos,  and forget the Xenoverse 3d battleground.  The only good part of it for me was that I get the control three fighters simultaneously.


I had hoped that It would get an amazing story like the dragon ball movies, but no. You can control the hero you choose and the more you control the more power it gets. There is an android called Android 21 she is the arch enemy ( no spoiler intended) and she could be pretty, but she has oversize hands. The whole game is intended for 12-15 years old audience I think or I am just getting old for this. It would be an insult to compare it to Injustice or Mortal Kombat no matter the version. It is only good in a mall for an arcade game while the parents go shopping, the kid masters the game in an hour or so. After that the flashy hits and the special moves become boring and I just waited the whole thing to end.


The other thing is the background. I loved the Dragonball theme it bought back some memories, but seriously, why didn’t they put in any movement in them? There could have been at least thousands of fauna for each terrain that appeared in the series. one or two dinosaurs, or birds or local people would have made a huge difference. Nevertheless try it and experience  it for yourselves maybe I played it wrong.

Where to buy

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