Assassin’s Creed Syndicate


I promised you that I would try Assasins Creed games one by one so I must keep my promise. That’s it. I always play everything in single player mode so this doesn’t concern me, but I noticed that there aren’t any multiplayer options in the game.



The game takes place in the Victorian London you get to play with twin characters Evie and Jacob Frye. As always you have to find the Eden. I still don’t quite understand why. Their world views are quite different and that makes place for rivalry between them. You can switch between them before every mission and play the one you like better. Their skills are basicly the same so maybe Ubisoft intent was to let you choose your gender. There are tons of cinematic in this game just like in Unity.

There are several improvements like better fistfight combos, and I felt like a canary bird on several occasions, because you can distract enemies by whistling at them. It made a similar sound like in Baldur’s Gate 2 charm animal spell. As I mentioned before the story takes place in London and the quality is superb. I was overjoyed with all the new stuff they put in. It’s not just about free running on building tops and assassinating everyone. I met with Bell ( the dude who invented telephone), I visited Big Ben which I always wanted to see in real life. You can kidnap whoever you like and you can hijack horse rides. Grand Theft Auto wild west style. In the first cargo horse mission I always failed.

Favorite missions

One of my favorite missions was the murder solving ones. You must look for clues,examine bodies, talk with witnesses and interrogating suspects. I felt like Sherlock Holmes. It really added to the game feeling. There were two others that were epic. First is rescuing children from a burning house. Firefighter Jim to the rescue! The last one was about a Gatling gun train ride. Just fill bullets to everyone who I see. Master of massacres. ūüôā

Good Glitch bad glitch

You should look for an “entering unstable¬† ¬†data¬† area”. What you will find there is a secret. ūüôā Bad glitch thank you Ubisoft people are still literally walk over me in the game not just in real life.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity


I saw the movie and I wanted to try it. If I try it I want to try it from the first one. I checked on Wikipedia and damn this is a long series so I started with the first one that came to Xbox One. While I searched for a cheap solution I found out that this is too an Ubisoft game! That’s it my soul is definitely goes to hell.


It starts with Pope Clement and King Philip burn some dudes. Then I am in the future where a girl tells me that some organisation wants to control the history. Now I am in the past again in France. I am little boy and I learn the last known position trick. Then 13 years passed. Confusing? I sure hope so. If I hadn’t watched the movie I wouldn’t even know what was going around. First I don’t even know why was that stake burning scene important. Second OK I am in the future cool, then no gameplay is in there at all. It is just a prop to force feed you that you’re the hero this is your job get used to it. There are tons of gameplay like cinematic that is usually a great thing. In the first half of the game I sometimes wondered that am I watching a movie or playing a game, but somehow it lacks the soul. I had a lover and met with napoleon cool, but the whole game is about killing the same type of enemies over and over while parkouring above Paris streets. Maybe for someone who loves history more this is good, but for me it wasn’t so. Every citizen of the place is a retard. There are crowds in the street and I have to push everyone aside one by one. No one seems to care that I am armed running lunatic everyone just stands in my way.


The hero can do a last known position trick that I have already mentioned above. The enemies look for you in the spot you mark and it is easier to back stab them. There is also the eagle vision skill that is like an x-ray vision. Other then these two it’s the usual weapons and cloths for the character and you can collect money and creed points. The¬†Middle earth Shadow of Mordor¬†and the¬†Middle earth Shadow of War¬†are both tons of better in characters than this game.


Paris streets are amazing. There are videos where they compare them to the real life and Ubisoft really made them authentic. When I jumped on top of the buildings for the first time I felt like Spiderman or batman. Note to self I really need to check out a Spiderman or batman game. There are two major parts of the game that give me strength to try out the rest of the series later. On of them is when all the world shatters before me. It was so surrealistic and so great that I almost pissed my pants. There was a movie called dark city, it gave me the same feeling as it. Later in the game there was the other one where ages mix. Being an Ubisoft game of course you get some glitches. Sometimes I fell from the world and watched it from beyond, other times I walked in the air. The loading screens were also quite long. Part of the concept of consoles is that everyone has the same hardware so it should be much easier to program and test a game for bugs. -.- Actually there is one more fun things to do in it. It is the co-op missions. You can gather four people in total and for a team of ninjas for a mission. If anyone of you die the whole team fails so you should watch each others backs.


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Still choosing from Ubisoft. I don’t know what got into me but one after another I play with Ubisoft games. I had to reasons for choosing this one. The first is that I want to play with Watchdogs 2 later and the second one is that Ubisoft gave it away free for a limited time.


I start with the graphics. Neither my processor or my video card was running at full capacity, the video card was at roughly 80 percent, but the game was lagging. OK than i will decrease the graphic details to get a smoother gameplay. I decreased my video card usage to 60 percent and the lagging continued. -.- It wasn’t anything serious just when I drove a car, but it was enough to take a bit away from the gaming experience. I will try watchdogs 2 on my Xbox or I get a new gear for it.


This is an open world game the first few minutes I thought i was playing with GTA V, but the only similarity is that they are both played in the modern times. Watchdogs is a much more serious game. In GTA V you get to control three characters and you shoot everything run over civilians kill kill kill, but it hasn’t got an edge to it. In Watchdogs your character is a hacker. The whole world is much darker and it starts with your wife being killed. Well not killed exactly, but put to a coma then two weeks later she dies. You don’t go rampaging in the city and blow everything up, you hide in the shadows and hack every gadget there is. Ubisoft created a hacking system that is easy to understand and it is fun.¬† Much like in¬†Nier Automata¬†it really is the base of the game. You meet with Clara a real hot chick, but sadly there won’t be any romantic thread. There are sex workers too so at least not all hope is lost. ūüôā There is also a prison escape mission like the series prison break. While driving there are arrows on the road to help you guide and your grenades also have a line to where they are going to fall if you threw them. I have seen several games where they haven’t implemented a help like this and I always throw the grenades away from the enemies or even worse just at my legs making it a suicide throw.

The Only Downside

My only downside for the game(besides the lagging) are the NPC’s. They are dumb as hell. I hide behind a box start to shoot them one by one and in a room where there are at least 5 targets. None of the notice that someone is killing them. They walk literally a feet away from me, my head isn’t fully covered by the box and the doesn’t give a damn.¬† That was my post for this game I hope you enjoyed it, and I have to play something else not from Ubisoft, but I am sure that I will play with Watchdogs 2 in the near future.


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South Park: The Fractured But Whole


I played South Park Stick of Truth just to try this game. If you are still interested in how I met with this game you should read that blog post.

Upgrades from Stick of Truth

These three years added lots of new and great features to this game. They really listened to the feedback of the crowd regarding what should be modified in the stick of truth to make it a truly epic game. You get useful tips when you start it. I know that it isn’t much, but there were several things in its predecessor that I have found out after I played it. The graphics are better also which is never a problem. Now you can see the turn at the downside of the screen while in combat. It helps creating your strategy.¬† It still has the feeling¬† like a big interactive episode of the South Park. Comparing to Stick of Truth it has more than 7 hours of game time. Cartman is coon which is far more likable than wizard was. I don’t have anything against wizard, but coon is COON. You get to play in coons Lair too that looks like a dream basement for a child. Lots of DIY gadgets lying around. The combat also changed.¬†Now you can get help in you fight with not just one of your friends, but three of them simultaneously which makes the still almost 2D turn based combat much more fun. The ultimate ability also looks way cooler than before. The whole story became less disgusting or more easily consumable, maybe to sweep in a larger age pool. Of course Butters shows rodent in your ass and you decapitate your father’s head, but there weren’t any nazi zombies or a mission in mister slaves digestive system.

Character Generation

The base mission is that you have to find a cat for $100 and your character slowly gets its background story and specifications. When playing a role playing game you usually have a character sheet and you fill in all the details before you start to play. It was really exciting that in this case a huge part of the game was creating your character. First you choose your gender, you have some talk about it with mister Mackey. You choose a class with some abilities and later you become dual classed. Then triple classed and so on. You also choose your spirituality and ethnicity later in the game that I guess influence the story a bit, but I haven’t really checked it out yet. I choose one the rednecks always attack and that was it. You can even change your DNA with artifacts that you collect in the game.

Followers and Other

While your on your way discovering yourself you get followers by taking selfies with them. One of your friends called Captain Diabetes (Scott Malkinson) were one of my favorite side characters in the series (but he weren’t in many episodes) but now he played a major role in the game. There was also Kyle’s brother whose fight were filled with humor and they put in Mephesto as well. I think they found rolls for all of the characters that didn’t get in the previous game while introducing some new ones.¬† If you liked Craig and Tweek romance in the series you can collect their Yaoi art for Craig’s dad. That isn’t the only collectible in the game. You can also collect memberberries¬† that talks about the 20 years of south park. While you collect them you can ALMOST get to Canada. ūüôā One of the perks was shitting in the previous game. You could get crap for the fights they removed it and replaced with a huge collection of shitting tactics that you can also collect to be the master of the shit. There is also two minigames in the game that I remember. The first one is peppermint hippo lap dance. and there is the gay fish drive to heaven with unicorn farts. Their name says it all. You jus have to try this game!

I close my lines with this phrase from the game: “A kiss from the lips that never smile.”


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South Park Stick of Truth


While I was playing¬†Heroes of Might and Magic VII¬†I saw the new South Park game advertisement. That’s when it hit me. I haven’t played with the previous one yet. Being a South Park fan I had to rectify it.

Game or Movie

If you are someone who don’t like South Park or expecting a game that is good on its own in today standards then you will be greatly disappointed. 2D turn based combat, few skills, short story. It took me like 10 hours to completely finish it and I don’t feel the urge to play it again ever. However if you look at it like another episode of South Park, a 10 hour interactive episode then you will love it! I had so much fun that I just have to spoiler some of it.

You start with creating your very own South Park character. You can customize it quite well. You can get freckles, Jersey tan and you can even be a Jew when you choose your class. First the character name. No matter which name you choose you are a douche bag. The fast travel in the game is done by Sir Timmy express and you can explore all of South Park by foot. That makes you really part of the movie/game.

As the game progresses it goes more disgusting. At the beginning I only have to fight with meth-heads with my wife beater shirt. As time progress I learn dragonshout(reference to Skyrim) with my fart. Nazi cows were acceptable, but when you fight with fetus Nazis or bacterial infections in Mr slave intestines that is where regular people would draw the line. There are thousands of funny stuff like if you go with butters he tells you all the bullying he went through. Almost every area has some bad memory for him. Poor Butters can transform to professor chaos in a fight which makes him quite useful.¬† When you go to Canada even the graphics becomes worse.¬† Trey Parker and Matt Stone really wanted to fit every character in these 10 hours. Now I get to start to play the Fractured but Whole. I guess only the story will change but I hope I get some improvement on the skills and the combat too. I will share my experience as soon as I am finished with it. Fun fact: Before the game was launched you could get the Stick of Truth with the Fractured but Whole as a gift, but for Xbox you could only play with it after the release of the new one. That is why I didn’t buy it then, because I thought that I need to try it out sooner and in the end I forgot about it completely.

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Heroes of Might and Magic VII


First let me tell you about a story of the reasons I hate Ubisoft. I first encountered them with Heroes 6. I played at one of my friends house and it looked like the first decent Heroes after heroes 3, but it had lots of bugs. I said no problem I will patch it then. You can’ t get the latest patch you have to patch it for all of the previous ones first. After I made like 7 patches it froze and I had to start all over again. I browsed it and found a forum where they explained if you have an Nvidia card that happens. -.- OK. I iced it and after the heroes 6 gold edition came out with dlcs. I gave it a go. I mean if the released dlcs for it then it must be perfect now. NOT! They solved some of the bugs, but a few remained I can’t remember which, but one of them killed the game for me. They released a note that no more patches are coming and screw you guys. We are in the 21st century how do these things still happen? I swore that no more Ubisoft for me. And here I am buying heroes of might and magic VII. First I watched some YouTube trailers and it wind me up. Buying a Cdkey for this game instead of buying the DVD is highly recommended, because you don’t have to patch it then which is still a nuisance (but thankfully I don’t know). The other thing that I have heard that buying the game from directly Ubisoft costs more than buying the CD from a store. That is outrageous. When you buy it directly they don’t have to create a DVD, they don’t have to ship it, there isn’t a vendor that puts his own profit to the price and they still asks for more money. Stick to buying keys guys.

The Game

It basically follows the right path that they take while creating Heroes VI. The animations are better, I haven’t come across with bugs and they bought back the more different resource types for buildings. Nearly all of the issues from the previous ones were addressed. You can have caravans again, one of the best ideas ever. It makes generating bigger armies easier and you don’t have to hire heroes just for that cause that makes longer games boring. Everyone can have the town portal skill, but it only teleport you to the nearest town so building one huge army with town portal skill no longer ensures you of the certain victory.¬† There are lots of other¬†facilitation that they have implemented. You can see which armies are likely to join you and in the combat phase the damage multipliers when you don’t attack from the front and it always show the damage of the spells that you use. So if there are any modifiers that reduces the damage you can see them before you cast it. The skills and abilities are also changed, I love that you can get master class from only three of them depending of the hero you use. It helps to make the heroes¬† more different. There is also a duel mode if you don’t want to collect resources just jump in to the combat.


I only played with the campaign mode and to be honest I haven’t really finished it yet. I just did the Haven, the Dungeon with the dark elves and started the Sylvian, but I thought you deserve a post and I can’t keep you waiting. The campaign so far has some interesting maps. Not just the usual little story and you basically have to do the same strategy for each one. The dungeon campaign had some nice conspiracies. Sadly the biggest flaw of the Heroes since the previous one remained. There aren’t any cinematic. None. You read dialogues and sometimes watch an army of the enemy, but remember when in at the start of Heroes V had the devil vs hero fight? It was over 10 years ago and still looks awesome. So you don’t need the latest most expensive stuff. Just some short movies to get you going when you finish a map. That is the ultimate treasure for a gamer to see these stuff not just access a dialogue. I hope that in Heroes VIII Ubisoft or hopefully some other firm recognizes this or hopefully in the campaigns that I haven’t done there will be some.


There is the necropolis faction for the undead of course. There is the Haven for the angels. The barbarians have the stronghold. The academy is for the mage. The Sylvian for the elves, dungeon for the dark elves and fortress for the Dwarves, but it is a dlc. Which one is missing? Yes you guessed right. They took out demons and devils. Who authorized this folly? Playing the true evil was one of the best thing in heroes. Angel vs devil, dragon vs titan. That was the whole concept since the dawn of time. Eh screw it, at least you can get several units from inferno as neutral from the maps. My cousin said that there was a vote between players if dark elves or devils should stay, but I can’t confirm it.

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Remembering Heroes III + Horn of the Abyss


This is going to be a short post, but I must let you know what I found recently. I was drinking with my buddies in the weekend. An interesting topic came up. Who have played heroes 3 in the old ages. I grew up on it, besides baldurs gate, heroes was my most favorite game in the world for decades. I played all version except for Heroes of Might and Magic VII, but that is also on my to-do list. One of my friends thought that he was a pro playing it and we started to bring up memories.

Strategy tips

Maps sizes: Different map sizes require different tactics. At a small map for example if you play with dungeon, with a bit of luck you can rush everything down in 2 weeks. How? If you play by yourself on impossible difficulty you choose a starting hero like Arlach. He has a ballista which is a huge advantage at the start. Now comes the trick. You have to restart the scenario until the tavern has Shakti. He is the one with the trogolytes. Now you have trogolytes: arlach (30-40)+ shakti (30-40+30-40+30-40)+ town building 14(or maybe 7 I don’t remember) so you could own up to 174 trogolytes+ a ballista at the second day.(you need money, but small maps has some in the vicinity of the town. They rip apart everything. On bigger maps you definitely need a hero with logistics skill or a skill of the overpowered ones. For necropolis it is Thant with the animate dead. You can play with it so you don’t lose a single one of your creatures the whole game! For the other towns there are a few with armorer skill as special starting skill like Neela or Mephala. After you reach several levels you slowly becoming almost indestructible with it. As for magic try to reach for earth magic, because once you get town portal at an expert level you shouldn’t lose. There are tons of great strategies, but the best part of it to create your own.

Horn of the Abyss

When I got home I got heroes 3 again and find out that it has an unofficial expansion. Most of the times I hate mods and anything that is not official. They are buggy and kill the gaming experience etc. but this was a great exception. You can download it for¬†free. They added tons of new stuff to the game. New music, new monsters, a new town with its own creatures called the cove. It is a pirate themed town and I enjoyed trying it out a lot. I didn’t want to play again with heroes 3, because I did everything in it the good old days, but this way I got a new experience with brand new maps and a plot that I just had to share it with you. So if you loved this game you should give it a try for a few days for the retro feeling.

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