Beach Buggy Racing


This is also one of those free or almost free games, but I just had to write some lines of it.  During Christmas I searched for a game that all the family could enjoy and which doesn’t require hours of game time. That’s when I found this pearl in the gaming ocean. It is available for Nintendo eshop, Xbox Store, PlayStation store, Apple App store, Google play, amazon app store, and also for windows store so no matter the gear you have you can play with this one.

Multi Player Fun

As it’s title suggests you get a racing game. There are eight different cars with 10 available drivers. Each drives has his own unique skill that you can use once in a race. There is four different motor performance types from hundred horsepower to a thousand horsepower.  If this wasn’t enough you can collect over 25 different kind of power ups during the race and stuff to slow down the other players like lightning bolts, fireballs etc. The cars are also customizable so it would match you persona. I bought it for my Xbox and you even six players can play it simultaneously in the local multiplayer split screen mode. I hadn’t seen a game like this besides monopoly that can do this. (and in monopoly there are turns so it isn’t the same) The game runs in a 1080p 60Hz with 3d animation really smoothly. There are 12 different race tracks and be advised I think almost all of them have hidden shortcuts. It was really irritating when I thought I was running first and somehow the a.i. made a shortcut and beat me. The one mistake of this game that they haven’t provided an online multiplayer or at least I haven’t found it on Xbox. It would be much more cool if I could play it with other people when my friends aren’t around.

Single Player

Oh yeah,  you can play against the computer not just your friends. There is a really long campaign mode that I haven’t finished yet, and at the levels you collect gold that can be used to upgrade your car and collect different drivers. There is a daily quest mode also that I only recently found out. Every day if you don’t forget it you can enter an event that gives gold and each day the gold pot raises until you can’t win or forget to do the quest. Ok after a few days maybe a week it resets so you can’t raise it for infinite amount, but I haven’t really reached it and to tell you the truth this game isn’t about you being a fanatic just to have a good time with your friends if they came to your place and you are tired of playing dungeon defenders two. (a game that I will definitely post about in the near future)

Where to buy

Check my  Cheapest Places to Buy page for Beach Buggy Racing cdkeys!